Kvelling at B'nai Aviv - 20 Years Later

The Levy Family - Then & Now

A flood of memories from 20 years ago came rushing back to Arlene & Mitch Levy when they saw the scanned and retouched photos RKVIST provided from their son, Jonathan’s, Bar Mitzvah at B’nai Aviv Congregation. Now 32, with a successful career in the film industry, first being an agent with United Talent Agency (UTA) and now being one of the principals of a newly formed animated film distribution company, Jonathan’s love of film tellingly appears in his “Hollywood-themed” Bar Mitzvah party. His parent’s love for family and friends is readily apparent with every photo captured – a moment everyone came together to celebrate this milestone occasion.

Weston residents since 1992 and members of B’nai Aviv Congregation since the early 1990’s, Arlene and Mitch have long enjoyed taking photographs of Jonathan’s childhood, vacations and family celebrations.

Last fall, Stephanie Norman of RKVIST came to B’nai Aviv Sisterhood to give a presentation about how RKVIST helps families to scan and organize their photos to preserve their precious memories.

As Arlene shares, “I listened to Stephanie’s B’nai Aviv Sisterhood presentation and was especially interested when she said she would be scanning photos as a fundraiser for the Sisterhood. I said to myself, ‘I’m gonna do this.’”

“I didn’t know what photos I wanted to scan,” Arlene continues. “But then it occurred to me that we have so many family members who have passed away over the years. Jonathan’s Bar Mitzvah was such a special moment because both Mitch and my parents were there, and unfortunately passed away shortly thereafter. I thought this would be the perfect way to remember the memories of a joyous occasion when our family and our friends were together.”

Levy family photos are edited (showing before & after)

When Arlene looks at the Bar Mitzvah photos, she shares, “It’s hard to believe he had just turned 13 in these photos and now he’s 32. When I look at the RKVIST scans, I can’t believe how clear and vibrant the pictures are. It feels as if we’re right back at that occasion and brings back a flood of wonderful memories.”

Mitch shares, “The service RKVIST provided was exceptional. The quality of the photos far exceeded my expectations. Stephanie makes the entire process a pleasure and the service extremely user-friendly.”

For those think they may be too busy to scan their photos or are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start:

Arlene Levy answers this by saying: "I feel that it's often difficult for people to motivate themselves to go through old photos because they see it as a large, and possibly stressful, undertaking. Yet, if you do so, even if it's a little at a time, you can give yourself the opportunity to reminisce. By scanning your photos, you can preserve wonderful memories, and easily share them with your loved ones. It took me all of 10 minutes to get these photos together. RKVIST took care of everything from there. These are great photos and it gives Mitch and me tremendous happiness when we look at the incredible results.”

Mitch Levy adds: “Arlene makes a good point about how doing anything with a lifetime of pictures can be overwhelming. We just narrowed it down to a small project – something we could share and enjoy –and went slowly from there. It really was such a great idea to be able to save these photos and know they will always be available. Stephanie and RKVIST made it easy to do this.”
Arlene sums it up by saying, “That day and these photos mean the world to us.”

The B’nai Aviv Sisterhood Scan-a-Thon was also supported by scans from Sheila Grenitz, Dana Isbitts and Meredith Shapiro. If you are interested in having photos scanned to benefit the B’nai Aviv Sisterhood, please contact Stephanie Norman with RKVIST at stephanie@rkvist.com or (305) 793-4325.


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